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Dementia in Hong Kong - Desk Review

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The Dementia Situation in Hong Kong: 
Context, Systems, Policies, and Services


By Jacky CP Choy, Kayla KY Wong, Shan Shan Cheng, Xinxin Cai, Yue Zeng, Jennifer YM Tang, Emily YM Leung, Maggie SL Ma, Cheng Shi, Gloria HY Wong

Version 4 - 12/10/2022


A desk review of the dementia situation in Hong Kong: 

  • Overall Country Context

  • Overall Health System Context

  • Overview of the Long-term Care System Context

  • Dementia Policy Context

  • Dementia Awareness and Stigma

  • Epidemiology of and Information Systems for Dementia

  • The Dementia Care System

  • Unpaid Care and Other Informal Care for Dementia

  • Social Protection for People with Dementia

  • Dementia Research


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