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World Alzheimer Day News 2021

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World Alzheimer Report 2021

Journey through the diagnosis of dementia

By Alzheimer's Disease International, McGill University 

Dialogues on Importance of Timely Diagnosis of Dementia

By Hong Kong Alzheimer's Diseases Association 

  • "The roles of Family Physicians in facilitating Time Diagnosis and continuous care to People living with Dementia"
    By Dr. Donald K T Li
    Specialist in Family Medicine, Chairman of WONCA

    Video link (in Chinese):


  • "Building Dementia Friendly Community in Hong Kong to find a way out for Timely Diagnosis of Dementia"
    By Dr. David L K Dai
    Specialist in Geriatrics, Chairman of HKADA
    Video link (in Chinese):

  • "The Economic Case for Early Detection in Dementia"
    By Prof. Martin Knapp
    Professor of Health and Social Care Policy, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science

    Video link:

YWCA press release 9.21.jpeg

Five-sense camps for Alzheimer’s Disease patients and caregivers as survey showed caregivers appreciate nature activities

By Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association  

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